Monday, February 13, 2012

A little LTUE

So sorry I missed my blog day. I hope no one fretted too much over the short reverse spin it caused on the Earth that day. I’m sure you hardly noticed it.

I had me some fun over at LTUE over the weekend. It’s a yearly Sci-fi/fantasy writer’s conference—three days of back to back panel discussions from local published authors for only $30. Google it if you missed it, and try to make it next year.

Shout out moment: I had fun seeing friends I met last year and making a few new ones. In the year since I met him, Daniel Coleman is doing spectacularly with e-publishing and even presented on a panel. Eric James Stone was there, who also frequents Caleb’s workshops, and he’s great to learn from. Of course I never miss a James Dashner panel…family first! We had our first chance to hear from Brodi Ashton too—her blog is lots of fun to follow so make sure you do that and check out her YA debut, EVERNEATH.

Anyway, the funniest thing for me this year was sharing what I’m working on right now:

“I’m doing a Book of Mormon novel, like historical fiction. Trying something different.”

“Ah, like Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites?” (*See Footnote)

“No…more like Work and the Glory.”

Then I get the eye glaze: “Ah, so like, with real people. Huh.” Polite nod.

I had to remind myself I was at a Sci-Fi/Fantasy conference after all.

*A couple weeks ago I told my kids about the story I’m writing, and my 8 year old gave me a heavy eye roll and said, “Don’t tell me. You’re calling it, Tennis Shoes Among the Lamanites.”
I might have to title the book: NO, NO TENNIS SHOES.

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  1. It was great seeing you too, even if it was only a couple minutes. Love the title of the new book ;)