Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wednesday Night Writting Club's new book  "The Chocolate Christmas"

Pulling into the driveway, the home wasn’t exactly the cute cottage Maddi remembered from her childhood summers. The lawn was a sea of motley grass covered in snow, dotted with torn shingles. In fact, there were more shingles on the ground than there were on the roof. The porch had a hole the size of her ex-husband’s ego, and the bluish-gray shutters hideous -- and askew.

Maddi’s gut instinct was to jump back into the Subaru and get as far from here as the little used car could get.

Unfortunately, here was the only place she had left to go.

The inherited ramshackle cottage was the one thing her husband and his snakey lawyer hadn’t been able to swipe in the divorce. Thank goodness her mom and dad had left it to her in a trust that kept it safe from bankruptcy and slime ball ex-husbands.

Taking a deep breath, she tried to see the house with new eyes. She looked beyond the the rickety stairs and past the chipped paint on the porch railing -- all the way to the front door

The door should not have been open. 

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